Coolhunt 22: Sustainable Mobility

Hello everyone,

As sustainable cities are making their way to the big audience, all kinds of sustainable devices and services are growing as well. There can’t be sustainable cities if there aren’t ways to make everything we do and produce eco-friendly. Mobility is an crucial part of any city, and it’s getting more green every day.

What is it?

Sustainable mobility is every kind of transport that is eco-friendly and convenient. My main example of this is Dirisolar, the solar zeppelin. Dirisolar is a project that might bring the zeppelin back in action. Since the Hindenburg disaster, wich took place 77 years ago, zeppelins were abandoned as they were too dangerous. Dirisolar is a new and improved zeppelin that is good for our environment at the same time. The zeppelin collects solar energy through solar panels and uses this energy to be able to fly.


Why is it cool?

Dirisolar is cool because it is an original, convenient way of transport that is sustainable at the same time. It completely fits in this world of growing sustainability. Furthermore it transforms and improves an old and unsafe concept into an smarter and safer version of it.

Similar Signals.

Pelican: The first zeppelin to take off after the Hindenburg disaster. This zeppelin can carry up to 66 tons of cargo, is faster than a boat and cheaper than a plane!

Guapa Bamboo Bike: A bike made out of Bamboo, the same material most surf boards are made of. Bamboo one of the world’s fastest growing plants.The bike is ergonomic and sustainable.



Quality of Life

Sustainable mobility improves your quality of life concerning physical wellbeing, material wellbeing and development & activity, because if we aren’t able to get from one place to another, we’re not independent, not mobile and not able to expand our ideas.

X Caro






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